The Benefits of Industrial Wire Shelving

Posted By: Admin | Date: 27-03-2015

Industrial wire shelving is suitable for an array of industries and can provide numerous benefits. Among the most important of those benefits is the durability that industrial wire shelving offers. In industries in which heavy items need to be stored long-term, industrial wire shelving is an ideal solution. It is also modular, making it easy to store items without the need to take up valuable floor space. Add-on units can also be easily acquired in order to expand your storage as your needs grow.

Due to the nature of wire shelving, dust build-up tends to be minimal, particularly when compared to steel shelving, making wire shelving easy to clean and maintain. This can prove to be important for numerous industries, including the healthcare industry and industries involving electronics or other materials that are sensitive to dust. Wire shelving also offers the benefit of being better able to hold up to heat in a fire and will not block water from a sprinkler system in the event of a fire.

In the process of selecting industrial wire shelving, it is important to pay attention to the maximum weight capacity that the shelving will allow. While industrial wire shelving is quite strong and durable, there are limitations. You should also consider whether the units feature all-welded construction for the highest level of strength and durability. Other factors to consider include the height of the shelving. Various heights ranging from 54 inches to 86 inches in height are typically available. Shelf size is another important factor to consider. Individual shelves can usually be adjusted to accommodate products and materials of different sizes. Mobile units are also available to make it easier to transport items that need to be moved frequently.

When used correctly, industrial wire shelving can help any business to become better organized. For instance, they are frequently used in restaurants for inventory management and stocking. Wire shelves are also commonly used by healthcare systems for stocking pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. These types of shelves may also be used in offices for supply storage. Whatever your business, industrial wire shelving can help you to keep items organized and easily accessible.