Selecting Platform Carts for your Facility

Posted By: Admin | Date: 27-01-2015

Platform carts can prove to be a handy tool in a variety of different industrial and commercial settings. Based on the needs of the facility where they are used, platform carts can provide a number of different functions. Among the most common uses for these tools is in factories or warehouses for transporting heavy items from one workstation to another. Thanks to the rugged construction of platform carts, they are capable of transporting weights of up to about 4,000 pounds, depending upon the model selected. Different designs are available to ensure that the cart is suitable for the task at hand.

Among the factors to consider in selecting a platform cart is whether you prefer a wooden base or a steel base. Platform carts with wooden bases are usually sufficient for light duty and are capable of transporting weights up to around 2,000 pounds. If you require a more heavy-duty platform cart with the ability to transport heavier weights, you may wish to consider a steel platform cart. This type of platform cart will feature heavy duty 12-gauge steel reinforced with welded construction. Keep in mind that while folding platform carts are available, these models will usually not be able to provide the same weight capacity as non-folding model. The maximum weight that a non-folding platform cart can usually carry is around 600 pounds.

Additionally, it is important to consider whether the platform cart features a non-skid platform to ensure that objects will not slide off while the cart is in motion. It is also important to consider whether the platform cart includes rubber bumpers on the corners. Even with the most careful use, accidents can still happen, particularly when pushing a heavy cart around a tight corner. A padded bumper will help to ensure that damage is not done to the walls. Finally, consider the size of the platform cart that you require for your facility's needs. When not in use, platform carts can typically be nested inside one another to allow for maximized storage.

By carefully selecting the right platform cart for your facility, you can take advantage of easier mobility and higher efficiency.