Keeping your Business and Personnel Safe with Flammable Storage Cabinets

Posted By: Admin | Date: 25-02-2015

Flammable storage cabinets are considered a must for any industrial workplace where flammable liquids need to be stored safely. Proper storage is critical in order to decrease the potential risk of property damage or personal injury.Specifically designed to ensure that flammable chemicals will not start a fire or fuel an existing fire, flammable storage cabinets are able to withstand considerable levels of heat. In order to provide this level of protection, these storage cabinets often feature double walls and are constructed of heavy-duty materials. This type of design works to prevent heat from entering the storage cabinet and igniting the chemicals stored inside the cabinet. A lock is also typically included to prevent the doors from being opened by unauthorized personnel.

In some instances, it may be desirable for flammable storage cabinets to feature a vent at the bottom. The presence of a vent makes it possible for air inside the cabinet to flow to the outside. This type of air circulation also works to decrease the interior temperature of the cabinet.

In order to comply with OSHA guidelines, flammable storage cabinets must be constructed from a minimum of No. 18 gauge sheet steel and must have riveted or welded joints. Doors must contain a three-point latch and feature a raised doorsill located at least two inches above the bottom of the cabinet.

For businesses that need to maximize their storage space, flammable storage cabinets can often be stacked together. This makes it possible to integrate the cabinets within your current workspace without the need to take up a lot of floor space. The ability to stack the cabinets together is also an ideal solution for smaller operations that need to secure flammable, dangerous liquids.

When purchasing flammable storage cabinets, numerous factors need to be taken into consideration. Among the factors to consider are the certifications available. Flammable storage cabinets should always pass all OSHA guidelines.

Adding flammable storage cabinets to your place of business is not only a matter of staying safe, it is also a matter of ensuring that your company is in full compliance will all legal regulations.