Why Trailer Stabilizing Jacks Are a Necessity

Posted By: Admin | Date: 26-7-2015

Trailers are commonly used in commercial and industrial establishments for transporting products and materials from one location to another. When loaded and hitched in a proper manner, a trailer can be operated safely. Even so, when the trailer is not attached to any type of hauling vehicle, safety can become an issue. For this reason, trailer stabilizing jacks should always be used while loading and unloading a trailer.

Among the most important benefits of a trailer stabilizing jack is that it provides stabilization to the trailer while anchoring it in position after it is in the parked position. Doing so will prevent the trailer from moving out of position, wobbling while it is being loaded or unloaded, or rolling away unexpectedly.

The use of trailer stabilizing jacks is also important in order to prevent upending of the trailer. This is actually one of the most common problems that occur with an unhitched trailer. Upending usually takes place when the weight of the load within the trailer is removed. This results in the trailer becoming unstable. Based on the distribution of the weight, it then becomes possible for the trailer to tip forward or backward. In the event that a worker is on the trailer loading or unloading materials, the tipping motion could cause them to fall and experience an injury. In addition, individuals standing near the trailer may also be at risk for injury if the trailer upends. Using trailer stabilizing jacks can help to prevent this problem from occurring and provide reassurance.

Although it does not happen often, there are situations in which the structure of the trailer may fail while it is parked as a result of damaged or rusted parts. Such failures can result in a sudden collapse of the trailer, which can cause injury to workers or property in the nearby vicinity. The use of a trailer stabilizing jack can help to reinforce the body of the trailer and prevent damage or harm in the event of an unexpected breakdown in the trailer's integrity.

In the process of shopping for trailer stabilizing jacks, it is important to look for jacks that offer high-strength steel construction.