Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Folding Hand Carts

Posted By: Admin | Date: 26-6-2015

Hand carts, also sometimes referred to as hand trucks, are handy tools for moving heavy objects without experiencing undue physical strain. In choosing a hand cart for your place of business, it should be noted that there are actually several different types of hand carts available, including folding hand carts. This is actually the most popular of all the hand trucks because they can be conveniently stored in a stockroom without taking up extra space and still remain easily accessible. There are even models available that can easily fit into an overhead airline compartment.

Folding hand carts typically feature handles at the top and sturdy wheels located at the base of the cart. The platform located at the base of the hand cart can be used for scooping up objects or setting objects onto the base. Thanks to the unique design of the folding hand cart, it is possible for a single individual to easily transport heavy objects.

As part of the process of selecting a folding hand cart, it is important to pay careful attention to the various weight capacities. It is important to make sure that you do not load more onto a folding hand cart than the weight capacity will allow.

You should also consider the construction of the hand cart. Aluminum or steel construction is typically the best choice. In addition, consider whether the folding hand cart comes equipped with elastic straps that can be used for securing the load. Other factors to consider when shopping for a folding hand cart are whether it features non-marking tires and rubber tread tires. An easy push-button operation should also be included to allow for fast setup.

In order to operate a folding hand cart properly, the heavy object to be lifted should be tilted forward so that the platform on the hand cart is wedged under the object. The hand cart can then be used to tilt the object back so that it rests on the platform and can be transported by the hand cart, with the weight of the object balanced on the wheels of the hand cart.